David Letterman Shows Up At Nets Media Day, Annoys Kevin Durant

Monday morning’s Brooklyn Nets media day looked an awful lot like the “Late Show with David Letterman” reincarnated. Though he lacked an opening monologue and a top 10 list, Letterman entertained in his role as a sports journalist, peppering superstar Kevin Durant with a series of ridiculous questions that left Durant irked and media members rekindling their late night love affair.

A bearded Letterman introduced himself to the room as “Dave from Basketball Digest,” before firing off late night-worthy questions to Durant.

“Kevin, why do people call you KD,” asked Letterman. Unimpressed, Durant answered very matter-of-factly: “My first name is Kevin with a ‘K’ and my last name is Durant with a ‘D’.”

Basketball Digest’s newest reporter then shifted the conversation to KD’s effort. “This year, what percentage do you plan on giving on the court: 90, 95, 100, 100? What are we looking at,” questioned Letterman.

“110,” Durant deadpanned.

Finally, Letterman turned his attention to the cross-town Knicks before handing off the mic: “I just got off the phone with the Dolan family, and they said they’re talking to the (NBA) commissioner now. They’re looking to work a contractual deal that will allow you, when you’re not playing for the Nets, days off, you’ll be able to play for the Knicks. Comments?”

The last question finally drew the smallest of smiles from two-time NBA champion, Durant, who’s only comment was: “Alright Dave, that was the last one.”

Written by Anthony Farris


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