David Hogg Panned Tik Tok and China. Then He Mocked Donald Trump for Banning the Platform.

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David Hogg, an activist who is a student at Harvard and attended Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, voiced his concerns about Tik Tok and the Chinese government this past March:

Recently, President Donald Trump arrived at the same conclusion that Hogg did in March and banned Tik Tok in the United States. Hogg did not affirm the decision, but rather mocked it:

After these screen grabs picked up steam, Hogg clarified his position:

You may now resume your regularly scheduled Monday afternoon.

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    • Touché, Rob.
      When you only use words for manipulation you REALLY need to remember what you’ve said, especially when it shows you as A FOOL. He’ll be running for Congress in a couple years no doubt.

  1. David Hogg is a damn cornball lol.. Gotta give him credit tho, guess he really pimped that shitty situation at Parkland into a Harvard scholly and vitue signalling hall of fame career. Imagine a guy like that coming to take you guns lol..

  2. Shocked that he would actually come out AGAINST China, since he’s a leftist hero and all, but NOT shocked that he managed to instead of finding common ground with the President, pushed a fake narrative about some stupid kids ruining his Tulsa rally [when it was clearly 1. the virus and 2. far-left radicals trying to keep people from getting in scaring people off.] He’s the epitome of his generation – even when they have common ground with you, they find a way to divide you from them. Pathetic pseudo-intellectuals.

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