David Carr Doesn’t Expect Brother Derek To Sign Any Time Soon, Going To Be ‘Long Process’

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David Carr appeared on the NFL Network and discussed his brother Derek Carr’s options in free agency. The elder Carr said Derek had a great meeting with the Jets but expects him to take his time.

“Derek had a great trip,” David Carr said. “We knew he would love Robert Saleh, I’ve known Robert for a while … he’s fantastic. And they hit it off and they would love to work together.

“But there are a lot of questions that need to be asked,” Carr continued. “I think the most important thing for him, as a veteran quarterback, what is it going to be like [with] an offensive play-caller and [as] a quarterback and that relationship?”

Carr mentioned that Derek had a “great trip” several times but also said he expects Derek to take his time in making this decision.

“It’s going to be a long process … He wants to do his due diligence and see as many places as he can to get a feel for what the best place for him will be,” Carr concluded.

Then, NFL Network brought Hall of Fame running back LaDanian Tomlinson on the show to further discuss Derek Carr’s options. Tomlinson suggested the Jets, one of his former teams, would be a great fit.

He also noted an interesting wardrobe choice by David Carr.

Where will Derek Carr land?

The Jets seem like a good fit for Derek Carr. They have a good, young receiving corp and a top-level defense. They were held back greatly by quarterback play, but have vowed not to give up on former #2 overall pick Zach Wilson.

If that’s really the case, though, Carr doesn’t make as much sense as Aaron Rodgers. Carr turns 32 in March, so he conceivably has a few seasons left in the tank. The Jets aren’t going to have Zach Wilson be a backup quarterback for 3-5 years if Carr works out.

Former Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr warms up before the NFL Pro Bowl Games.Where will he end up in free agency?
Former Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr warms up before the NFL Pro Bowl Games.Where will he end up in free agency? (Chase Stevens/Las Vegas Review-Journal/Tribune News Service via Getty Images)

Obviously, the Jets are still focused on Aaron Rodgers, who’s off in the darkness somewhere deciding what’s next.

Retirement could be an option, but I’ve already written that I don’t think that’s the route he’s going to choose.

It seems like the Jets have made Aaron Rodgers priority #1 with Derek Carr as a potential backup plan. If Carr senses that, he might not be as interested. Does he really want to be the team’s plan B?

Carr’s best fit is in Carolina

I’ve said all along that the Carolina Panthers make the most sense. Carr is not a cold-weather quarterback.

He grew up in California, went to college at Fresno State, was drafted by the Oakland Raiders then moved with the team to Las Vegas.

His stats show that cold weather is not his thing.

Plus, the Jets play in the AFC East. That division houses perennial Super Bowl contender Buffalo along with up-and-coming Miami and always-dangerous New England.

Carolina is a better football team than people realize, with an above-average defense and a legitimate #1 wide receiver in DJ Moore. Plus, they have a Top 10 pick in the NFL Draft and if they can shift their focus away from quarterback they can use that pick to improve the team now.

And, the NFC South is very winnable. Tom Brady is gone and the Falcons and Saints are mediocre teams at best. Heck, Carolina almost won the division last season despite a mid-season coaching change.

Plus, they hired Frank Reich. Reich is known for elevating quarterback play, which Carr desperately needs.

He has not visited the Panthers yet, but as brother David said, Derek wants to see all of his potential options.

Don’t rule out Carolina making a late push.

Especially now since Rhule IS out.

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