David Chao, MD: Injury Concerns Coming Off A Brutal NFL Sunday

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Week 2 was one of the more brutal Sundays in recent memory. Certainly, there was a 45-minute stretch of mayhem during the early slate of 10 games where it literally was injury on top of injury. This is after a relatively quiet Week 1 by comparison.

Here are the top 10 injury concerns from this Sunday. Of course, there are many more other injuries to discuss but we will reserve that for the ProFootballDoc Podcast available thru Outkick.

  1. ACL injuries — There were so many that we lump them all as one item. Teams typically wait for MRI confirmation before formal announcement but by video analysis it seems a foregone conclusion that Saquon Barkley, Nick Bosa and Tavon Young tore each tore an ACL and will need surgery with no chance to return. Marquise Blair was hit with friendly fire and has at least a high grade MCL injury but there is fear of ACL involvement as well. Let’s keep a glimmer of hope for MRI good news on Solomon Thomas and Bruce Irvin and their ACLs.
  2. Christian McCaffrey — The Panthers running back injured his right ankle on a mid 4th quarter TD and did not return. His ankle was clipped as he dove for the endzone. He was taped/spatted on the sideline, tested out the ankle but did not play the last few minutes. He will get a MRI but the hope/expectation that the injury is not serious and CMC has a chance to return next week.
  3. Jimmy Garoppolo — The 49ers quarterback was rolled up on his right ankle early in the game. By video, he suffered a mild high ankle sprain and continued to play. As expected, it became more sore as the first half wore on as the limping got worse, he exited right before half and did not return. Reporters confirmed high ankle sprain and we need to waite to assess after overnight swelling to give a prognosis but I don’t believe he will need IR. There is even a chance that he could play next week.
  4. Drew Lock — The Broncos quarterback left the game with what reporters have said is an AC joint sprain. By video, analysis, I believe it is more a rotator cuff contusion or posterior labral tear. There is some doubt  to the AC sprain report after my public thoughts
  5. David Montgomery -— The Bears running back just got healthy from his training camp groin strain and Sunday was dumped directly on the top of his head jamming his neck. Because there was no flexion or rotational force, there was no risk of spinal cord damage and he even returned to play. His neck will be sore and may miss practice time but should be good to go for next week.
  6. Parris Campbell — The Colts wide receiver is lucky to not be listed in Item #1 here. He seems to have a sprained knee MCL. He may miss a short stretch but will not need surgery and hopes to avoid IR even with it only being a three game absence.
  7. Raheem Mostert — The 49ers running back was off to a great first half like we predicted with 8 carries for 92 yards and a TD before leaving the game at halftime. Reviewing the game, I did not see any injury on TV copy but he was reported to have a mild MCL sprain which easily could be missed on video. This should mean a relatively quick return to action.
  8. Davante Adams — The Packers wide receiver sat late in the Lions contest with a reported hamstring issue, Let’s hope for tightness or just a mild sprain as he likely sat as much or more due the 20 point late lead than for injury.
  9. Tyrod Taylor — The Chargers quarterback was reported with a rib issue on Friday but practiced fully. After warmups and before taking the field, he experienced chest pain and Justin Herbert started and almost beat the World Champion Chiefs. Taylor was taken to a local hospital for tests and was released. No further details are available. The head coach maintains that Taylor is still the starter if 100% healthy but it seems the future is now with the #6 overall pick.
  10. Malik Hooker -— The star safety of the Colts is my biggest mystery and worry. I did not see anything on video but the team quickly ruled him out with an Achilles. I hope he did not tear it. There was no play that showed it; however, an Achilles tear is a very easy clinical diagnosis and season ending. I hope he has Achilles tendonitis and not a tear like teammate Marlon Mack in Week 1.

For details, updates and analysis on these and other players, Listen to the ProFootballDoc podcast on Outkick or use this special free link  for Outkick readers to check out www.profootballdoc.com.

Written by Dr. David Chao

David Chao, MD -- known digitally as Pro Football Doc -- is an expert contributor for Outkick. Chao spent 17 seasons as the team doctor for the San Diego Chargers (1997-2013) and is part of the medical team at OASIS in San Diego where he treats and specializes in orthopedic sports injuries, working with high-profile professional athletes from the NFL, NBA, and MLB.

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