Radio Host Dave Ramsey Fires 12 Employees For Having Premarital Sex

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Most people are fired after a visit from the woke losers online. Very few are fired for having premarital sex.

According to The Daily Caller, however, radio show host Dave Ramsey’s consulting firm, Ramsey Solutions, has fired 12 employees for having premarital sex. At the Tennessee-based company, premarital sex violates Ramsey Solutions’ righteous living policy.

Caitlin O’Connor, the company’s former administrative assistant, has filed a lawsuit against Ramsey for terminating her in June 2020.

“After O’Connor requested maternity leave paperwork ahead of her child’s birth, Ramsey Solutions terminated her for violating ‘Company Conduct,'” The Daily Caller writes. “O’Connor’s ‘committed relationship’ with her partner and out-of-wedlock pregnancy were violations of his organization’s ‘righteous living’ policy, the lawsuit stated.”

About 12 other employees were fired or left the company after being disciplined for having sex outside marriage, The Tennessean reported.

While I never root for anyone to lose their job, it does appear these employees were warned about this ahead of time. Ramsey Solutions’ handbook states the following:

“Should a team member engage in behavior not consistent with traditional Judeo-Christian values or teaching, it would damage the image and the value of our good will and our brand. If this should occur, the team member would be subject to review, probation, or termination.”

In addition, Tennessee is an at-will employment state, thus companies may terminate their employees without providing any reason. It’s this provision Ramsay Solutions claims that permits it to remove employees over their objectionable sex lives.

Now, it’s time for the New York Times, which has been calling for jobs for six years, to complain about Americans getting the boot in the workforce.

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  1. The employment strategy is curious but it does bring attention to a big problem in our society.

    Like it or not premaritals often leads to out of wedlock bastards and single mothers. Guess who has to pay for them…every productive tax paying man has to cover for the deadbeat cad. Premaritals with many deadbeat guys is also a big reason why many American women are screwed up.

  2. Ramsey is garbage. If you want financial advice from a radio show listen to Ric Edelman. This guy has cost his followers so much money by telling them not to invest in the market and pay off their low interest rate mortgage instead. Having zero debt isn’t everything. You need to build wealth and grow your assets.

    • Well, he does have the “Put 15% of your income in your 401k or IRA” step before the step where you pay off your house. So he does encourage to invest that much before paying off a low interest mortgage. I don’t follow him religiously, but he did help me come up with a plan. I love to talk finances with people and the only ones that tell me that they save that much in retirement are other Dave listeners.

    • Broad statement. My husband and I went to one of his seminars and proceeded to pay off our house over the course of the next couple of years. Bought our current house with cash, no debt, 15% weekly in retirement, and now we live like “no one else,” giving tons of money to charity and to people in need. If my husband were to lose his job to Covid, we have a emergency fund that would last us several years. Sorry, but being debt-free is the bomb.

      Caveat: We were already debt-free but for our house. We started saving for retirement in our early 20s. We were blessed with common sense and a real lack of interest to be Jonesin’ with our neighbors.

      • He has good advice. Before Social Security and pensions, people paid off their debt and saved. 401K’s are good, but the market isn’t the answer to having money. It’s really an old concept: Spend less than you make, and you’ll always have money.

        As far as his work policy, don’t take the job or quit if you don’t like the rules. Try being a true conservative at the New York Times. Heck, just don’t agree to completely sell out to the democrats.

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