Dave Portnoy, Barstool Look to Buy Naming Rights to Bills Stadium

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Thursday, the Buffalo Bills announced their new stadium name, Bills Stadium, is temporary as they look for a new naming rights partner. Formerly, the stadium was known as New Era Field.

This led to a familiar foe of the NFL’s to get involved, Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy. 

“After a brief conversation with those who matter I am here to say we are very serious about buying the naming rights of the @BuffaloBills stadium and will enter the process,” Portnoy tweeted.

Portnoy then added above a WGRZ TV report that Barstool is “very, very serious” about the partnership.

While this would be fun, and great for content, it’s likely not happening. 

The NFL wouldn’t even let Portnoy watch a Monday Night Football game with commissioner Roger Goodell in his basement after winning the bid to do so. NFL PR claimed Portnoy, who won the COVID-19 auction with a $250,000 bid, failed the background check.

That said, it doesn’t mean Portnoy can’t come out of this a winner. On the internet, bragging rights always win. And the NFL stepping in and stopping him, again, is that. 

The more the NFL has fought back with Portnoy, who had T-shirts made showing Goodell with a clown nose, the more it has elevated his celebrity. Portnoy’s history with the NFL includes security carrying him out of the Super Bowl after a ban:

It’s actually not a bad look. Color-wise, Buffalo can’t find a better partner.


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  1. Just googled The Buffalo News story:
    New Era had two years left at $4 MIL per.
    The scary part (if I’m reading it right) is that the Bills will lose about 30% of total revenue if no fans are allowed this year…WOW!!!
    “The two organizations issued a joint statement Wednesday confirming that New Era had sought to get out of the naming rights and sponsorship deals with the Bills: “The Bills and New Era are currently negotiating the details of this separation and the Bills are beginning the process of pursuing a new naming rights partner for the stadium.”

    “The exact date of the change, as well as the next name for the stadium, is still to be determined.
    While the economic downturn stemming from the Covid-19 pandemic has significantly impacted New Era’s business, sources with inside knowledge of the negotiations said PSE had been working with the company for “well over a year” to restructure the deal. Ultimately, both sides agreed to negotiate an early end to the arrangement, which was to run through 2022. Sources told The News that the naming rights were to cost New Era an average of $4 million annually.”

    “The change comes as NFL teams continue to develop alternatives to recoup potential lost revenue if no fans, or a limited number of fans, are allowed in stadiums this season. Across the league, stadium revenue accounts for $5.5 billion, including tickets, concessions, sponsors, parking and team stores, according to Forbes. The Bills stand to lose $104 million of $386 million in total revenue if no fans are allowed, Forbes reported.”

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