Dave Chapelle Attacker Sentenced To Just 270 Days In Jail

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The suspect who attacked comedian Dave Chapelle while he was performing on stage earlier this year, pleaded guilty to charges of battery. The judge sentenced him to just 270 days in jail.

24-year-old Isaiah Lee tackled Chapelle mid-performance while the star was performing at the Hollywood Bowl in California last May. Lee had a replica of a gun as well as a knife blade when he hopped on the stage and sprinted at Chapelle.

Video of the incident went viral.


In a jailhouse interview with the NY Post, Lee said that he was angry at Chapelle for making LGBTQ+ jokes, as well as said he was inspired by Will Smith infamously slapping Chris Rock at last year’s Academy Awards. He adds that he was “triggered” by Chapelle’s comments and was so enraged that it led to him attacking him.

He also added that he did it for attention. “I’m not going to lie, it was a little bit of clout-chasing,” Lee told the Post.

Bail hearing of Dave Chappelle attacker Isaiah Lee.

Lee already faced attempted murder charges for stabbing his roommate last year. But California released him in lieu of $1 million bail. Less than a year later, Lee then attempted his attack on Chapelle.

He’ll face a little over 6 months in jail and then be let out again.

Because, California.

In the months since the Oscars incident, comedy clubs as well as comics have had to be more cautious while performing. There have been other incidents, including former Saturday Night Live cast member Chris Redd who was punched outside a NYC comedy club in an unprovoked attack.

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