Davante Adams Likens Aaron Rodgers To Michael Jordan

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Davante Adams has certainly generated some news over the past few months, especially with his latest quote comparing Packers QB Aaron Rodgers to NBA legend Michael Jordan.

Adams moved to Las Vegas after eight years in Green Bay and immediately had some questionable praise for Raiders QB Derek Carr, calling him a ”Hall of Fame” level QB:

Rodgers appeared to respond by publicly mentioning how impressive a rookie WR had been in camp to that point.

Now, Adams is changing his tune and speaking extremely highly of his former teammate.

The New York Post covered a podcast appearance Adams made, where he said Rodgers was “the best quarterback…to play this game:”

“It was amazing man,” Adams said of his time playing with Rodgers during an appearance on “The Pivot” podcast. “I don’t discount anything that Aaron was able to do for me because he’s the best quarterback, in my opinion, to play this game.

Adams went further, saying that he “had the Michael Jordan effect,” where he could bring out the best in others “just by being on the field:”

“What he did for me was not just about the type of balls that he threw, or great back shoulder or whatever. He had the Michael Jordan effect. … [He’s] gonna make you play better,” Adams said. “He’s gonna bring out your best just by being on the field.”

Beyond games, he also said that Rodgers would raise the level of practices, creating a higher standard for others so performance wouldn’t fall off:

“He was a great leader, but it was more so just about — you would always notice in OTAs, every now and then a guy that’s in his 15th year or whatever, they get days off in OTAs, and there would be times he wasn’t practicing and you would just notice people start to not fall off, not practicing hard,” Adams recalled. “But it wasn’t the same as when Aaron is out there.”

Even after praising the Green Bay starter, Adams maintained that Derek Carr is “extremely” underrated.

It’s interesting that Adams initially was so complimentary of Derek Carr, while seemingly throwing shade at Rodgers. It’s possible that he heard the reactions to his remarks on Carr and decided to backtrack a bit by praising him a bit more forcefully.

That said, it makes sense to endear yourself to new teammates, given how important it is to develop a rapport.

It’s hard to describe anyone as the Michael Jordan of anything, given how incredible Jordan was. And Rodgers probably doesn’t fit the bill. Despite his success, he hasn’t won nearly as many titles as Jordan did in Chicago.

Tom Brady, for example, might like to have a word.

But at least according to Adams, Rodgers had a similar effect to the greatest of all time.

Written by Ian Miller

Ian Miller is a former award watching high school actor, author, and long suffering Dodgers fan. He spends most of his time golfing, traveling, reading about World War I history, and trying to get the remote back from his dog. Follow him on Twitter @ianmSC


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  1. I believe he was just saying that Rogers’ presence on the field upped everyone’s game, much like Jordan. That’s what great leaders do regardless of whether they are vocal or not. Wasn’t comparing him to MJ and his greatness.

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