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Data Shows Social Media Users Represent A Far-Left Coalition

Last spring, we showed readers how the country’s most powerful individuals — corporate CEOs, politicians, and celebrities — see social media as their target audience. Companies and brands easily quantify social media’s approval — which is perhaps the laziest means of understanding consumers possible — then use that information to make business decisions. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can gather responses instantly and around the clock. However, such reactions are startlingly misleading. And yet, high-profile companies still allow themselves to be deceived by social media services, which encourage businesses to market their products to an audience that barely exists. A new NBC poll demonstrates the partisan breakdown of social media users. The poll found that 69% of adults use Facebook, 28% actively use Twitter, 27% use TikTok, and 27% avoid social media platforms entirely. Twitter wields a particularly strong influence for a platform that represents only a small number of Americans. Twitter and TikTok have both fooled executives by over-indexing and normalizing a far-Left ideology. Not only are Twitter and TikTok users more likely to be Democrats than Republicans, but they are also far more likely to have supported Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren than Joe Biden in the 2020 Democratic […]



Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.