Darren Waller Makes Kind Gesture, Offers To Mentor Tim Tebow At TE

Raiders tight end Darren Waller is ready and willing to play a role in Tebowmania 2.0. Waller volunteered his assistance to Tim Tebow, who’s navigating through an NFL comeback and position change in Jacksonville, telling TMZ Sports: “If he thinks he can learn from me, then I’d love to help him and help make his transition smoother.”

Tebow reportedly needs all the help he can get as he attempts the rare move from NFL quarterback to minor league left fielder to NFL tight end. If he’s seeking a mentor, he could do worse than Waller. The Raider tight end began his career as a wide receiver before making the successful position switch. He was named a Pro Bowler in 2020 after hauling in 107 passes, nine of which went for touchdowns.

Waller seems eager to help Tebow as he shifts his attention from catching pop flies to catching pop passes. “I tried to find any information I could from watching guys play or asking people when I moved,” Waller told TMZ Sports. “So, I’d love to continue to pass that on and help him be a better player.”

Should he choose to decline Waller’s tutelage, Tebow could always call on the Man Upstairs for a little guidance.


Since he hasn’t played professional football since 2015, it may take an act of God for Tebow to make the Jags roster as a 33-year-old converted tight end. Either way, Waller seems confident the comeback will succeed: “Football is in his blood. So, I feel like he’ll find a way. He’ll find a way. He’s physical, he’s athletic. So, I wish him nothing but the best going forward,” per TMZ Sports.




Written by Anthony Farris

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