Karen Rovell Unleashes Cringe, Woke Tweet On Carl Nassib

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The titan of tone deafness, OutKick’s favorite “Karen” Rovell weighed in on Las Vegas Raiders DE Carl Nassib announcing publicly that he’s gay on Monday. Rovell responded by releasing a cartoon image of Nassib holding a football wrapped in a rainbow cloth with the hashtag #SameHere.

The text of Rovell’s cringe-inducing tweet goes as follows:

“#SameHere, Carl Nassib, we all face challenges. Gay or straight.

And those in the LGBTQ+ community face enormous challenges when it comes to mental health bc of having to ‘fit in’ to a world that hasn’t been accepting. We all have #SameHere stories regardless of our sexuality.”

Shortly after, Rovell claimed that the Nassib situation was “sickening” because of a supposed anti-LGBTQ agenda in the NFL.

Across all media outlets, Nassib received an outpouring of support from teammates and fans, making Rovell’s accusations a bit of a head scratcher. It was also announced on Tuesday that Carl Nassib became the top-selling NFL jersey on Fanatics.

While Twitter can always expect Karen to flip a situation to display his woke virtuousness, the idea that he shares Nassib’s struggle is a new level of crazy.

Makes you wonder if Rovell also shares some political viewpoints with Nassib.

Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. He had 2 sacks last year. The Raiders acquired a starting DE in free agency and drafted a DE in the 3rd round of the draft. Nassib simply saw the writing on the wall. He was getting cut and probably never playing in the nfl again, now he’s guaranteed a job and a check. Is there any proof he’s even really gay?

  2. Just because you don’t agree with something does not mean you hate or have a phobia like these types want to broad brush people. He is the one that announced to the world his sexual preference most people feel that info is personal and private. And yeah nobody cares what consenting adults do except like this dude feels everyone should know about his so ask him.

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