Danny Kanell Takes Issue With College Refs

Referees are always under a microscope, but Danny Kanell is getting even more concerned about not just the future of officiating, but the future of college football.

The call that got Kanell to the point where he was like “That’s it; I’m tweeting this!” happened in this weekend’s Iowa State-Baylor game.

The moment that got Kanell’s goat was an unnecessary roughness call against the Cyclones.

He makes a solid point. Let’s look no further than the rest of that same game between Baylor and Iowa State that Kanell was watching.

Why? That unnecessary roughness penalty was just one of the questionable calls in that game.

Here was another one: a block below the waist called against Iowa State.

That call wound up turning a great play into a Baylor first down.

Do you know who probably wasn’t happy about that call? Danny Kanell.

Do you know who I can show you wasn’t happy about that call? Iowa State head coach Matt Campbell.

Aaaaand then there this was this targeting call:

So, it sure seems like Kanell has a point that not only are some officials making calls that make the game softer, but they’re also just making flat-out bad calls regularly.

I mean, again, all of those happened in a single game!

Whether or not you agree with Kanell, don’t expect too much to change on the officiating front any time soon.

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