Danny Amendola Body Bags Bill Belichick, Credits Tom Brady For ‘Patriot Way’

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FS1’s Nick Wright asked former Patriots receiver Danny Amendola if Bill Belichick would have a tough time getting players to buy in to the franchise after the departure of Tom Brady. His answer was straight venom:

Tom Brady is winning the battle with Belichick by TKO. We’re starting to see Brady’s support shine through, suggesting that “players” indeed win championships. In this instance, all credit should go to the G.O.A.T., though Amendola also sounds like he has some bad blood with the coaching staff in Foxborough.

“None of those coaches threw any passes, caught any of those passes…They didn’t tackle. They got us in the right positions because they watch a lot of film and they spend all their time in the facility. But Tom Brady is the Patriot way, and that’s why Tom Brady is in the Super Bowl and the Patriots aren’t,” Amendola said.

Holy smokes is that a Kane-level choke slam of a statement from a former Patriot. One thing Brady has going for him is that he handpicked his post-Patriots team. Meanwhile, Belichick probably feels like he was left at the altar and is now stuck in a rebound relationship with Cam Newton.

Regardless, Brady wins

Brady chose Tampa, where he could throw the ball to Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, and eventually Antonio Brown and Rob Gronkowski. The receiving corps in New England is straight dookie, but Belichick doesn’t have the choice to ditch that unit, as Brady did. Belichick is stuck.

Do I think Tom Brady looks much better than Bill Belichick right now? 100%, but we should also be fair to one of the greatest head football coaches of all time. He surely had plenty to do with the 20-year dominance of the Patriots. We should also admit that no coaching staff is willing to “spend all day at the facility,” as Amendola suggests.

I believe both Tom Brady and Bill Belichick’s obsession with football influenced the trajectory of each other’s careers. Unfortunately, Bill is stuck coaching lemons like Cam Newton and N’Keal Harry.

Tom Brady is king.

Written by Gary Sheffield, Jr

Gary Sheffield Jr is the son of should-be MLB Hall of Famer, Gary Sheffield. He covers basketball and baseball for OutKick.com, chats with the Purple and Gold faithful on LakersNation, and shitposts on Twitter. You can follow him at GarySheffieldJr


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  1. Belichick is where he is because he chose to send away receivers still in top form. I was blown away in the past several years that the Pats would trade away receivers that Tom depended on. Further, after training Jimmy G all those years, they sent him off, too, with no plans for a Brady successor. No sympathy for Belichik.

    • To be fair to Belichick, I thought Brady went over Belichick’s head and appealed to Kraft to trade JimmyG and remove that threat to his job. At that moment, Brady essentially controlled the Patriots. But not a few years later when the Patriots did not offer him enough money to stay.

  2. Bill knew Jimmy G is a backup caliber QB, they did the same deal with Matt Cassell, trade a backup caliber player as though he’s a starter. Its good business. Belichick is the best coach in the history of football, end of story. But unfortunately he’s 68 and the timing is not good for a 5 year rebuild. I wouldn’t be shocked to see him end up at Wesleyan (his alma mater) or Navy (his Dad’s program) to finish out his career. Especially if the Pats suck again in 2021. Could be a mutual parting of ways and hand the keys to McDaniel.

  3. Its always the mediocre players who badmouth Belichick AFTER they leave New England. I had to look up Amendola’s stats. 21 lifetime TDs, 6,000 yards in 12 years in the league. LOL.

    Brady and Belichick are both responsible for New England’s success. If Belichick was a bum, Brady wouldn’t have stayed there 20 years

  4. it feels weird to be too critical of bellichick, because lots of players have played for him and not many have trashed him. or even hinted at trashing him.

    he and his staff did make great moves, but Tom Brady is clearly the key. Tampa has fallen in Love with Tom Team, because he leads with love. Read that in a fortune cookie 😎.

    good stuff gary.

    • I agree Chris. I think you can say both Tom Brady and Bill Belichick were the reason the patriots had a dynasty. That is not a contradiction and it does not have to be all one way or another. I do not buy for one second that Tom Brady leads them to nine Super Bowls by himself without Bill Belichick. Of course Belichick doesn’t go to nine Super Bowls without Brady, but that’s not a one way argument. The guy is a great coach, and there’s no reason to contradict that Because he got handed a crap team without a QB or WR. Tom Brady didn’t coach defense and the Pats had some legendary ones up there. Brady literally owes one Super Bowl to Malcolm butler. Like I’ve said before this whole Bill vs Brady narrative has been created out of thin air and pushed by the media, because when there’s no news you make some up.

  5. I get let this go by without saying the Nick Wright is a complete tool. He’s been predicting the downfall of both the Patriots and Brady for 5 years. He is a completely biased hack.

    Having said that, if it weren’t for BOTH Belichick and Brady, no one know who Amendola is. He fit in a very specific system and got paid for it. He left because the Patriots don’t deal with recurring injury problems and he’s bitter about it.

    Lastly, in the Belichick Brady debate, you just can’t separate the stew after it’s done. Yes Brady executed the plan, but the plan was Belichick’s. Yes, Belichick’s record without Tom is nopt good, but Tom has also never led a poor team. Brady on the Lions are well…..still the Lions. Let’s not act like had Belichick and Arians swapped spots that Brady and Arians with that Pats squad would be any good. And of course, Belichick with the Buc rosters and average QB would be in the playoffs.

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