Danish Soccer Team Gifts Free Beer To Visiting Fans From Spain

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If the phrase “more gracious hosts than a Danish soccer team” isn’t a common idiomatic expression then it needs to become one.

Danish team F.C. København hosted Sevilla F.C. in an exciting UEFA Champions League match (that ended in a 0-0 draw).

After the game, the F.C. København bought some brews for the Sevilla supporters who made the trek to watch their team in Copenhagen.

This is fantastic, and it’s even more impressive that they went with the bigger beers. In most American stadiums that would be thousands of dollars worth of suds they just handed out free charge like it was a college football game in Dublin.

If you’ve ever followed your team on the road, then you’re aware that behavior like this is far from the norm. I feel like in most places, those beers would wind up getting dumped on you then you’d get pelted in the back of the head with the empty cups until you made it outside county lines.

Visiting fans deserve some respect. It takes some cajones to saunter into hostile stadiums or arenas wearing visiting colors. That’s someone who has thick skin and is ready to take their lumps.

They deserve a cold one if they prove to be a good sport.

Savilla F.C. fans were probably thankful for the beer after they traveled to Denmark for a scoreless draw. (Photo by Sergei Gapon/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

Part of me thinks that this free beer soccer summit wouldn’t have happened had the game not ended in a 0-0 draw.

Had Sevilla come in and wiped the floor with F.C. København, you can bet that the home team would’ve made the visitors dish out some krone for their pints Carlsburg.

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