Former Washington Football Players Allegedly Hospitalized Bar Staffer: REPORT

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A pair of former Washington football players are accused of putting a bar staffer in the hospital after a bar altercation.

After a November game against Colorado, Daniel Heimuli and Ruperake Fuavai allegedly got into a physical altercation at Finn MacCools, and when the dust settled, an employee had to be hospitalized, according to a Thursday report from The Daily. Both players were suspended the rest of the year and are now gone and no longer listed on the roster.

One staff member’s injuries “required surgery to fix,” according to the same report. The specific injuries that needed surgery aren’t noted, but it is reported one unnamed person suffered a fractured eye socket.

Daniel Heimuli was suspended after an alleged bar altercation. (Credit: Washington Football)

Washington responds to the allegations.

“University of Washington Intercollegiate Athletics [(ICA)] is aware of an incident involving two student-athletes on Nov. 19. ICA has reviewed the matter and has discussed with campus administration to address the incident,” Washington athletics told The Daily in a short statement.

Heimuli had been a sophomore linebacker from California with the team, and Fauvai was also a sophomore linebacker but from Washington.

Ruperake Fuavai was suspended after an alleged bar altercation. He’s no longer with the program. Daniel Heimuli was also suspended. (Credit: Washington Football)

Neither was charged for their alleged roles, and all discipline appears to have been handled internally by the Huskies.

Ruperake Fuavai was infamously hit by former coach Jimmy Lake on live TV during a game last season.

Now, both players are gone from the program. If the allegations presented by The Daily are true, they’re lucky they didn’t get in real trouble. As a general rule in life, when trouble starts, alway walk away. There’s very few things in life worth fighting over, and none of them are in a bar.

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