Wizards Center Continues Most Wholesome Pregame Routine In NBA By Jamming Home Alley-Oop From Young Fan

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Daniel Gafford’s new pregame routine was spawned “out of nowhere.” It has quickly become the most wholesome pregame warmup in the NBA!

Gafford, a 24-year-old big for the Wizards, is one of the best high-flying dunkers in the league.

And he’s been doing it since college!

Gafford used to show off before games with unassisted jams.

The former Arkansas Razorback only recently started getting the fans involved.

Before both home and away games Gafford goes into the crowd to grab a lucky fan for some assistance. He has the fan throw an alley-oop for him to close out warmups with a dunk.

Sometimes the fan stands under the hoop.

Sometimes the fan stands beyond the arc. Gafford likes to mix things up.

It doesn’t matter how old or how young the fan might be, it’s just luck of the draw. But Gafford usually picks a younger fan to come out and help.

Usually we always have one of the guys who are working throw it up. We had a fan come the first time and it kind of stuck and now we just added it to the ritual.

β€” Daniel Gafford, via NBC Sports Washington

No matter who is selected, Gafford is always going to go up and slam it home.

And when things go too well, they raise the bar.

On Tuesday night, the fan that was selected to throw the oop came to the game with hopes that he would be chosen. It made for a very wholesome moment as Gafford threw one down and made the young fan’s entire day week month year.

Of all the pregame warmup routines in the NBA, Gafford’s does not get enough love. It’s nothing crazy, but it’s a really cool way to grow the game and make fans for life!

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