Danica Patrick Wake Surfing, Aaron Donald Is Ripped & Katherine Whips Up A Fine Lookin’ Queso

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It was good to hear from several of you in the Ryan Day-Harbaugh post comments

It’s great to see that many of you are starting to understand my role around here and why Clay brought me in. The role is clearly defining itself: Cheetos, Barbie, Clay vs. Karen, IG models, athlete relationships, athlete real estate, Ohio State fanboy, and any else from the odd side of sports. Does that mean I’m going to go after Jim Harbaugh and Michigan? Of course.

Look, here in Ohio, we’re begging Jimbo to show a pulse in the series. It’s getting embarrassing for the rivalry and the league to be kicking his ass on a yearly basis. I was in Ann Arbor last year when Michigan fans started leaving in the third quarter. It was sad. I live amongst many Michigan fans. They’re broken souls. They thought there could be a dropoff when Urban retired. Then Ryan Day came in and choked out the Wolverines. Michigan fans deserve better.

The facts are on the table. Jim’s been a failure at Michigan. Brian can call me a fanboy all he wants, but little does he realize I was a wanted man on the Internet back in the fall of 2014 when I heel turned on my home state and became an SEC fan only to reverse heel turn on the SEC when Ohio State played Bama in the Sugar Bowl. My relationship with Ohio State is far from a Bucknuts fanboy. In fact, I can’t stand Ohio State message board guys. That’s right Brian, I’m right there with you on your hatred of Buckeye message board guys. That’s just how fair and balanced I am.

Now, let’s get to Screencaps!

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  1. Great medley here, Joe. A few comments: #1. If you just look at the queso, not anything else, it looks like vomit. #2 Urge to golf rising, again. #3 Hard to believe Danica Patrick only has 700K followers. She needs to cut harder into the water so she maintains tension on the line. #4 Nice Andy Dalton joke. #5 Catching a golfball with a tee between your fingers is not hard. This guy must have grown up chained to his basement Playstation. #6 That girl bunting is a pure show-off. Oh wait, I like that.

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