Dani Torres Continues Her Assault On IG, The Dirt Is Down At Bristol & Ohioans Throw Bottles At Police Drone

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Did you catch my appearance with Clay this morning ?

I’m telling you guys right now that was probably my best performance at 6 a.m. ever. I woke up completely jacked up because it’s Friday, and it’s been a sneaky fun week of content around here. I’m also jacked up because last night I was able to get started on the outdoor spring clean. This is the time of year when so much is running through my head. I’m analyzing the brutality of winter while enjoying those early signs of spring like the daffodils and other plants popping up.

One thing leads to another, and I’m starting to think of projects that mean trips to the stone supplier where I nerd out. It was music to my ears last night when my wife said we need a huge statement rock for a fence gate area that I wasn’t even thinking about. After a decade of marriage, this is how she keeps things flaming hot. Just start talking to me about rocks. It’s sounding like we’ll dump the kids at her parents’ house and the flagstone hunt will be on. If you’re not doing Saturday lunch flagstone dates with your wife or husband, you need to. Try it. Spice up the relationship.

I’m also going to need some stone to build a two-layer wall for a mulch bed. It’s nothing extreme, just enough to get the hands dirty and give the neighbors something to think about as they drive by and start analyzing the property. Other than that, it’s going to be a maintenance type of summer and the year when I build a composite outdoor bar. I’ve been talking about doing that the last couple years. No more talk. It’s time to step up for the guys who come over to suck down margs and Busch Lights after Thursday mowing sessions.

• There’s great news this morning out of New England: Cam Newton has been signed to another one-year deal. As the owner of Cam’s BCS game pants, this is great for the auction value when I decide to sell. Cam deserves more weapons than what Bill gave him in 2020. Jakobi Meyers led the team with 729 receiving yards. Woof. It’s a complete miracle that team finished 7-9.

• Did you guys see the news this week about 3D printed houses going up in Austin, TX and in California? Houses between 1,000 and 2,000 square feet were printed in Austin with five to seven days of printing time to complete the structures. Now for the cost: “starting at $450,000.”

Indoor live music is back in NOLA.

• I opened a crypto account last night and started studying up on terminology, how the marketplaces work, how transfers take place, etc. I was very early to the blogging game and learned it fairly fast. This crypto NFT market stuff feels like an out-of-body experience. It’s definitely going to take me a couple weeks to feel comfortable enough to buy some emoji on an auction site.

• And Netflix is looking to crack down on those of you sharing your accounts with multiple family members outside your residence. BOOOOOOOOO.

Let’s have a great weekend. Send me photos of your projects and/or photos from vacation. Tag, tag, tag. DM!

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  1. Officer Gaines. When she looks at the camera, she’s looking at me. When she has her officer camera on, she’s looking for me. I’m playing subtle, she coy, but this date is gonna happen and when it does, it will either be glorious, or she will actually write the ticket. Either way, we both win.

    Happy Friday

  2. McDonald’s is making up for their mediocre PHAST PHOOD by prepping and serving said PHOOD in buildings with a color scheme so bland that it would have made Spanish ‘black painter’ Francisco Goya blush, along with an architectural design so *ghastly* that even the late Le Corbusier himself is not only turning in his final resting place but is demanding a refund on the French fries. 😂

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