Dana White Says UFC Had ‘Massive F–k Up’ By Not Showing Trump On Broadcast

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As it turns out, someone actually had a worse night at UFC 264 than Conor McGregor. In fact, the entire UFC television production team was dealt a knockout blow from UFC president Dana White. White described the production teams’ error in not showing former President Donald Trump on the PPV broadcast as a “massive f—k up.”

Speaking to TMZ Sports, White explained that a plan was in place to show Trump on tv after cameras captured celebrities like Odell Beckham Jr. and 2 Chainz, but a glitch in the production truck got in the way.

“We were getting ready to show him right between the co-main and main events, I think you remember that we showed OBJ. We showed OBJ, then it was supposed to go to David Spade, 2 Chainz, and then the president, and we had some kinda glitch in the truck. Then the Conor fight ended up ending in the 2nd round so we never got a chance,” said White.

UFC 264 marked Trump’s first notable public appearance, outside of political rallies, since leaving office.

Upon being escorted to his floor seats, Trump received a warm reception from the sellout crowd that then chanted, “USA! USA! USA!”


Live video of Trump’s walk towards the Octagon, or even a quick shot of the former Commander in Chief amongst the crowd, would’ve created plenty of buzz. Something not lost on White, per TMZ Sports: “Let me tell you what, massive f*** up by my production team, but ya know, it’s live TV and these things happen.”

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Written by Anthony Farris


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  1. Being that White and Trump are friends he sure as shit didn’t leave Trump out on purpose but if the tv truck has a lefty at the controls I wouldn’t put it past that guy. White should figure that shit out and fire whoever is responsible. That’s a pretty big “fuck up”.

  2. Definitely a massive f*ck up. Dana’s admission seems authentic.
    There will be many more oportunities.
    It was GREAT to see the mostly positive crowd response to the real President as he arrived…

    TRUMP 2021

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