Dan Snyder’s Attorneys Attempted to Interfere With NFL’s WFT Probe

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Washington Football Team owner Daniel Snyder had his attorneys and private investigators interfere with Beth Wilkinson’s probe into the team’s workplace misconduct allegations.

According to a report by the Washington Post, Wilkinson learned that in 2009 Snyder paid a woman $1.6 million in a settlement after she accused him of sexual misconduct. And during Wilkinson’s probe, Snyder and his lawyers tried to keep Wilkinson from speaking to Snyder’s accuser.

The report says Snyder’s attorneys offered the woman additional money if she agreed to not discuss her allegations during the probe.

According to these people, the woman’s lawyer, Brendan Sullivan, accused Snyder’s lawyers of offering his client more money beyond the $1.6 million the team paid in 2009, if she agreed not to speak to anyone about her allegations against Snyder and her settlement with the team. In court filings, Wilkinson later described phone calls to Sullivan from Snyder’s lawyers as an attempt to “silence” the 2009 accuser. Wilkinson and Sullivan declined to comment.

More ominous, former employees and witnesses claimed that Snyder hired investigators to intimidate them so they would not speak to Wilkinson’s team.

The report says that Snyder’s private investigators “showed up uninvited at the homes of several former employees or contacted their friends and relatives, according to these former employees or their attorneysacts many of them viewed as intimidation aimed at discouraging former employees from participating in the NFL’s investigation.”

Adding that while “Snyder publicly expressed shock over allegations raised in The Post story that prompted Wilkinson’s investigation, his lawyers filed petitions in federal court seeking, in part, to identify former employees who had spoken to The Post — an effort one federal judge suggested was intended ‘to burden and harass’ former employees who had spoken to reporters.”

Snyder’s attorneys have since denied offering the woman additional money to stay silent.

Thus far, the most consequential finding of the probe had been Jon Gruden’s decade-old emails that led to his resignation as head coach of the Raiders.

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  1. I have zero respect for Danny Boy Snyder, or his shiny toy the Washington Deadskins, but isn’t that an Attorney’s job to obstruct a PR witch hunt against your client?

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