ESPN Radio is a Dumpster Fire

As first reported by OutKick’s Bobby Burack and Ryan Glasspiegel, Dan Le Batard is leaving ESPN with a buyout and Bart Scott is going national.

On OutKick the Show, Clay Travis responded to the news.

“We at Fox Sports Radio are dunking on ESPN Radio, balls-in-face style.”

“My goodness, ESPN Radio is a mess,” Clay goes on. “I don’t think they have anyone all day long people care to listen to.”

“According to Bobby Burack and Ryan Glasspiegel, Bart Scott is coming in,” Clay goes on. “No offense to Bart Scott, but the ESPN Radio lineup is a dumpster fire right now.”

Here is the full segment:

Clay adds he could see Le Batard taking his show to a podcast-only format at Spotify.

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  1. Absolutely. I am switching back to Cowherd until Le Batard resurfaces. When I first started podcasting, I’d start with Colin and go to Le Batard afterwards, mix in a little SVP when they weren’t talking college all day. Le Batard ended up beating Colin and I just stopped listening to everyone else. Guess I’m back to Colin, or maybe old school Dan Patrick for a while. ESPN Radio is dead to me once January 4th, 2021 rolls around. Terrible lineup. Kellerman is the only guy worth listening to and, once again, can’t stand his politics(which is why they should keep that shit off the radio).

  2. ESPN Radio and TV platform has nothing worthwhile to watch or listen to at this point, with the exception of live sports.

    I stopped listening to LeBatard years ago when he got political. Yes, you can use your platform for whatever you want to discuss, but when I turn on a SPORTS network I expect SPORTS talk.

    I enjoy some pop culture mixed in, but for your average working professional, our careers are stressful and time consuming, so when we tune in to a specific genre of entertainment, we expect to be entertained. Not lectured on politics, privilege, economics, etc.

    LeBatard was a knee jerk reaction to Colin Cowherd being fired at ESPN, giving him the coveted morning time slot. He was great early on, and then he politicized everything and became a Bomani Jones echo chamber.

    Both are extremely intelligent and entitled to their own opinions, as I’m entitled to mine. They’ve alienated the majority of sports fans by preaching instead of discussing.

    Barber shop sports talk is what 99% of us want. Who’s the best QB, pitcher, rebounder, fighter, etc. Nothing more, nothing less. Maybe ESPN will find a polarizing personality that will stick to this platform, but at this point, I don’t think they can course correct in time for it to matter.

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