Dan Campbell Gives Incredible F-Bomb Laced Speech After Beating The Chiefs: ‘Built That F**king Way’

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Dan Campbell was fired up following the Detroit Lions upsetting the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Lions pulled off an outstanding 21-20 win Thursday night over the defending Super Bowl champions, and the team appeared to have the same level of grit and toughness Detroit showed down the stretch in 2022.

Detroit simply refused to be bullied by the Chiefs, and Campbell couldn’t have been more excited following a 1-0 start.

Dan Campbell gives fire locker room speech after beating the Chiefs.

“Now, let me ask you this. Did we expect to win that game? We did and that’s exactly what we did because we built that f*cking way and everything we talked about was how it went down,” Campbell passionately told his team as his neck veins bulged out like he was ready for a fist fight.

The electric Detroit Lions coach then hyped up his team’s ability to battle through adversity and added, “We can overcome anything as long as you guys just f*cking hang with it. We got a ton to clean up when we get back, but until then f*cking enjoying this.”

You can check out the full speech below. It will have fans ready to run through a wall.

The Detroit Lions start the season with a win over Kansas City.

It’s moments like the one above that represent why fans can’t get enough of Dan Campbell. The man is pure energy, passion, grit and electricity.

That’s 100% pure passion. There’s no other way to describe it. The Lions coach looked ready to bulldoze through a wall.

Dan Campbell gives epic locker room speech after the Detroit Lions beat the Kansas City Chiefs. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

What more could you want out of an NFL coach? That’s the kind of man players will follow anywhere, and dropping a line about being built different is simply awesome.

That’s a meme comment most of the time, but when Dan Campbell says it, you know he’s being genuine.

It’s just one win, but the Lions looked the part. There’s been a ton of offseason hype. More than any other year in recent memory. Instead of bombing and disappointing in classic Detroit fashion, the team looked impressive Thursday night and ended the game with a win over the defending champions.

The Detroit Lions started the season with a win over the Kansas City Chiefs. (Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images)

As a Lions fan, I hope there’s a lot more wins coming because that means there’s a lot more great Dan Campbell speeches on the way. Props to him for being an absolute football guy.

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