Dan Bilzerian Moves Out Of L.A. Mansion Rental To Cheers From Neighbors

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According to Forbes, Dan Bilzerian has officially moved out of his rented L.A. mega-mansion, reportedly causing celebration from neighbors who were fed up with the antics associated with the Instagram playboy. How bad was it for the ultra-rich neighbors? “Bel Air Association was so fed up with the commotion and pyrotechnics from the mansion that they were considering legal action,” according to the Forbes report.

The Bel Air Association has been after Dan over things like a skydiving stunt. 

Nine days ago I was blogging about how Dan’s weed/CBD company, Ignite, was in serious financial troubles with an auditor predicting the company would fail. The company lost $50 million in 2019 and there have been claims Dan was using company funds to finance his lifestyle.

Dan had been renting the 31,000 sq. ft. L.A. house you’ve seen dozens of times on Instagram for $200,000 a month. The house is officially back on the market and it turns out there’s much of the house in the listing that Dan never featured in IG content. The house is expected to be listed for sale at $75 million.

Meanwhile, Dan’s been on a yacht for the last nine days or so off the coast of Croatia with his old poker buddy Bill Perkins and their ladies. What’s next for Dan? Where to from here? There’s still the autobiography he says is coming and he still has a place in Vegas where he runs those off-road trucks in the desert. Dan turns 40 in December so maybe we’re seeing the end of the run. Maybe this is where Dan decides to settle down, get married and have a couple kids.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. Hey Joe,
    That property sure looks like “The Razor House” on Million Dollar Listing: LA…huh.
    In fact, the brokers were negotiating the sale as a tease on this week’s episode and the broker for the buyer is crowing about it being bought by a high profile guy with a super successful weed business.
    Should be fun to watch next week’s show. This is shot way in advance of airing, and the house has been empty for like 2 years, they just dropped the price from $85mil to $75mil so this must be when Dan-o comes on the scene lol. Huh. Should be fun!!!

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