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Well, that wasn’t a very big news weekend

Golf. Drinks. More drinks. Few more drinks. Then to the pool. More drinks. Zero phone time because it’s early June and I get this weather literally once a year and then it turns to July and it’s beyond miserable for 45 days. I don’t know how some of you in the south do it for like five months straight. Add it all up and I didn’t keep track of the world over the weekend. From my Twitter Lists it didn’t appear to be a very big weekend for sports news. Drew Brees wrapped up last week with one of the big flip flop flips in modern sports history and that story quickly left the news cycle.

I did see the lines to get into Vegas pools were crazy long Friday afternoon. To me, Vegas still remains the biggest story out there. People will be looking to book that last-minute summer vacation and this week I’d expect bookings to explode as people start to see social media out of Vegas showing how things are getting back to normal with some precautions in place.

The No. 1 story on the Las Vegas Review-Journal website this morning: visitor hits a progressive jackpot for $670,637…on Let It Ride. “The guest, who wished to remain anonymous, was dealt a jack, queen and king of spades, and the dealer flipped the ace and 10 of spades to complete the royal flush.”

That’s not news if it’s a slot player hitting a jackpot. But when Vegas has been closed and people have been jonesing to play carnival table games, it’s news on a slow Monday morning.

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