Damian Lewis Announces Return To ‘Billions’

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Damian Lewis will, once again, entertain fans as Bobby Axelrod on “Billions.”

The popular actor left the show at the end of season five, and it appeared like he was done for good. Axe fled to Switzerland and that was that.

Damian Lewis returning to “Billions.” (Photo by Gary Gershoff/WireImage)

Well, not so fast. After Lewis was spotted seemingly back on set in 2022, Lewis has now confirmed he will return for the show’s seventh season.

“Bobby’s back. He’s coming back … Axe is back and it’s exciting. He’s not been around for a couple of seasons, but he’s back,” Lewis announced during an appearance on “The Last Show with Stephen Colbert” last week.

Damian Lewis is great on “Billions.”

This is great news for “Billions” fans. The show completely changed without Lewis as Bobby Axelrod running the situation.

The first five seasons, especially the early ones, were very solid. Then, Lewis left the show and it never felt like it was the same.

In fact, the season five ending of Axe running to Switzerland amid major legal problems felt unbelievably forced.

Damian Lewis will return to “Billions” as Bobby Axelrod in season seven. (Photo by D Dipasupil/FilmMagic)

Lewis’ reason for leaving was to spend more time with his family after his wife Helen McCrory died, according to the LA Times. Now, he appears ready to return and return to rocking as Axe.

That’s good news for the fate of the show. It’s simply not worth watching without Axe as the focus. After not being in season six, which I pretty much just quit on, he will make a glorious return in season seven. Given his season five exit, it should be interesting to see how the writers work him back in.

Season seven will drop at some point this year. It should be awesome to see Damian Lewis back on screen. I now have to go gut my way through season six knowing there’s at least a light on the horizon. It’s great to have him back.

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