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Best Buy is now asking for tips at checkout

Just when you thought you’d heard it all from the world of tipping, along comes Andy from Knoxville to share a story with us about a trip to Best Buy.

Andy from Knoxville here, still recovering from the Vols victory over the Gators.  I’ve watched every game since I was a freshman at Tennessee back in 1994 and was glad for the win.  But watching Tennessee run 3 plays up the gut when they had it 1st and 5 felt like Fulmer was still coaching.  All you have to do is get a first down to win the game! Why do coaches forget about doing what got them to this point?  Keep your foot on the gas!  So glad they got the win, but man, if Tennessee had lost it would have been the latest in a long string of awful loses to the hated Florida Gators.

Anyway, I wanted to weigh in on how bad the tipping situation has gotten.  I went to Best Buy this weekend and got a Blu-Ray (yes, physical media is still important…the wokes can’t digitally change the versions that you one).  When I checked out, the salesperson asked if I would like to make a donation to their Tech Team, and I looked down at the screen and there were options to add money on to the sale just like at a restaurant.  No, I would not like to add a donation or a tip for you doing your job at Best Buy.  I know Bidenflation is rough out there and we are all doing our best to scrape by, but Best Buy asking for tips is next-level intrusive and annoying.

Keep up the great work with Screencaps, it’s the best community on the internet.


A quick search reveals some chatter about Best Buy and tipping, which indicates this might be a new approach the company is using as a pay raise. One of you must know about the racket that’s going on here. Are these companies taking a percentage of that tip? Is the POS system taking a percentage of the tip? If so, I want in on POS systems.

Let’s start a Screencaps POS system and make a few dollars. Based on the LinkedIn friend requests I receive from senior VPs, one of you must be doing business in this world. Let me know. As always, you’ll be anonymous.

Email: joekinsey@gmail.com

What’s the best way to build a woodpile?

• Sean K. brings up a topic that is guaranteed to get a reaction out of woodpile experts like Guy G. in western New York:

Good morning Joe! It’s fantastic reading Screencaps 7 days a week now. It’s now providing a weekend break from the daily insanity happening in and around this country. The craft vs. mass-produced beer battle has been fun to watch from the sidelines; full disclosure, I’ll drink any beer in the fridge except for Scahefer, if it’s even still made (owing to a VERY bad college experience with it). 

So a very basic question for the Screencaps community: what is the best way to build a woodpile? I am getting a 1/2 cord of wood for the winter to help heat the house (thanks again, President Brandon, for driving up energy prices across the board. Burning trees to stay warm; didn’t we do that in medieval times?) 

So, the question is, what’s the best woodshed design for it? Does the woodpile need a roof over it? Or would a simple wood rack open to the elements suffice? There are the yard aesthetics to consider, as I don’t want it to become an eyesore in my suburb. So I figure there are some savvy TNML members out there who have a simple shed design that they built themselves that is easy to mow around, easy to stack and unstack wood from, and adds to the ‘charm’ of the yard. 

Final thought: Are we really arguing about Hildee’s belly button here? That’s sort of like arguing about the shape of a Rolls Royce’s hood ornament – as in it’s the lovely super sleek car that matters, not the hood ornament! Oh, and I forgot her name, but props to the young IG model from Provo Utah who wore a ‘Metallica’ T-shirt in one series of photos. I’ve never seen a model sport a heavy-metal tee before. Way to go. 

As always, keep doing what you are doing. Good lord us regular guys (and gals) need a place like Screencaps to gather. 

First-time emailer and he’s a millennial…Screencaps & OutKick are evolving

Now, so we’re all on the same page, millennials are defined as being born between 1981 & 1996. As I’ve mentioned here multiple times over the last 6-8 weeks, we’re seeing a surge in millennials who are transitioning from the millennials that the Baby Boomers rip on to millennials who are maturing into tax-paying adults facing big boy issues.

Today we hear from millennial Griff from Minneapolis:

Good morrow Joe!  I greet you with great fervor and tidings as a reader of this fine column; it would seem I am besieged with feelings of good fortune to have managed to stumble upon by happenschance this glorious merchant called ScreenCaps.  Alas!  Let us bask in its glow for fortnights on end!  The bodega cats shall live past their ninth lives!  Praise King Earnhardt as we no longer have to search the faces of the Gods for our treasured coffers!

First timer here.  Millennial.  I wasn’t sure when I would ever enter the conversation but the IG model talk provided an opening.  I catch the column because I enjoy learning about new things and hearing from great Americans living in our heartland.  I’ve learned a lot from the fine men and women of ‘Caps…things like grilling, striping, various recipes, vacation spots…I was at my parents a few weekends ago and the next-door neighbor was mowing (on a Saturday). 

I laughed and shook my head.  Have we learned nothing people?  I don’t own a house but I hope to someday and I will try to stripe the absolute s*** out of my yard and have a garage fridge of all garage fridges.  I don’t have kids yet but I enjoyed reading about the cellphone for kids topic.  I hope to learn how to do hard things.  The column is fun and the community is filled with people I def. can relate to.  We mortals are but shadows and dust.  Shadows and dust Maximus!

My one criticism about the column is glorifying IG models as I think it goes against doing hard things.  Perhaps there’s an exception to the influencers who are police officers, hunters, anchors, or even the Hooters girls (I worked in the restaurant industry and can confirm its a tough job). 

They are out there contributing to our society, doing said hard things and making a difference.  The basic IG model is not and serves no purpose to our hard-working country while simultaneously teaching our young women that they, too, can be entitled to such riches and rewards by simply posting pictures of themselves online. 

Like Michael Bolton said, if everyone had a million dollars we wouldn’t have janitors because no one would clean s*** up if they had a million dollars.  I just find absolutely nothing interesting about “Hildee” and could not possibly care less about the woman’s belly button.  We can’t keep giving our clicks to people who do basically nothing and get paid for it.  I mean come on…do we need more Kardashians and Paris Hiltons in this world?  I vote no, we do not.  

Regardless, I love the column and everyone’s contributions to it; always look forward to learning about new stuff from yall.  And even despite all of that, I am entirely willing to admit that maybe one day when I’m a retired old guffer, I’ll have learned everything this fine earth has to offer; Ill be exhausted from life and all I’ll want to do is scroll Hildee’s page all day.  To which in that case, Godspeed Screencaps.

I hear you, Griff. The Instagram model topic is an absolute lighting rod for the community. Trust me, I reject numerous IG models recommended by readers because they seem soulless. Yes, some slip through the cracks, but it’s limited. Sometimes I find myself weak and unwilling to tell an IG model to take a hike and she gets in.

As for finding nothing interesting about Hilde, I need Griff and those who share Griff’s feelings to remember not to take everything in Screencaps as literal. This column is like a soap opera for guys. We have readers trying to predict via their text groups which IG models will pop up. We have running jokes about Hilde being BACK.

The origins of Screencaps date back to being about absurdity.

Stick with me, Griff. I will transform an entire generation of millennials.

Is Battery Daddy the Christmas gift of the year for guys who have everything?

The big talk on group text Monday centered on the Battery Daddy storage system that appears to be all the rage as we head into the Christmas buying season. My buddy Diesel showed off his Battery Daddy, which was followed by Canoe Kirk sending a screenshot of a Battery Daddy commercial on the TV in his hotel room in Boston, and that was followed by my trip to Costco where I ran into Battery Daddy sitting on top of an air hockey table.

Needless to say, there was some Battery Daddy synergy going on within the group.

This should serve as a lesson to the wives out there who think their husbands are on despicable group text chains. Ladies, this is the stuff we talk about. Nothing gets the motor charged up like a battery storage system that will eventually end up on a garage shelf.

By the way, ladies, go ahead and get one of these for us. Or two.

Where will they play the Chiefs-Buccaneers game?

• Chris N. writes via the Instagram DMs:

I see there is talk of moving the Tampa game to the Midwest. How huge would it be to get the game moved to the big house? I’m an Illinois fan but still think it would be incredible to have Brady play in Ann Arbor one last time!! Ratings thru the roof?

Odds & Ends & Hilde’s Belly Button

• Caleb in Pennsylvania writes:

Joe—I hope you are doing well. There have been some EXTREMELY spirited debates in screencaps lately. Fantastic! I’d love to weigh in on them all, but to prevent boring you and the community, I’ll chime in on just two of them.

First, as to Pat complaining about the Instagram models and their large posteriors. I understand his perspective (although I vehemently, vehemently disagree with it), but at the same time, I’m probably on the younger side of the screencaps community, and even I know that this is not a new phenomenon (Sir Mix-A-Lot, anyone?). But the Kardashians have ruined a lot of things, so they probably deserve some of the blame.

As for what to listen to during the work day, I find a nice mix of sports podcasts (especially 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe—yes, shameless Fox plug there), old-time radio dramas (it’s like having a movie on in the background, but without the temptation of anything to watch), and mellow music (cliche, but you can’t go wrong with Yacht Rock) has worked well for me.

As always, a million thanks to you for the amazing content and the great community you’ve created.

• Chris in western New York who says he’s an OG Screencaps reader, writes:

I didn’t even notice that Hildee had a belly button. There are a couple of other things that my eyes go directly to!

On tipping: if I’m getting takeout and the only thing you’re doing is handing me a bag, you’re not getting a tip. Same goes for deli’s/sub shops, etc. If I’m sitting to eat, you’ll get a nice tip if your service is good. The whole tip thing is getting out of control.

• Harvey D. writes:

Hey Joe,

I never even knew she had one! I thank the observant Screencaps reader who pointed this anatomical fact out to me. That thing could look like a rolled-up sock in pantyhose. I would have never saw it. What would you call it? A hooded innie? IDK. 

Ok enough of the serious discussions. A buddy of mine had his kid get dress coded for wearing a Let’s go Brandon oversized t-shirt for Pajama Day during spirit week. SMH. I guess the lib creep is making its way to rural districts. Just when you thought the real America was safe…..

I am sure you have already had this gem in the inbox. If you can’t have fun at work, then get a real job and get dirty and smash stuff and leave the 12 to I am never gonna grow up demographic giggling for days. Just the building trades keeping it classy in the Glass City!! 

Ok enough for now. Keep up the good work. 

• Warren S. in Mesa, AZ writes:

WAIT! Hilde has a BELLY BUTTON?!?!? I’ll have to check all her posts again to see!

• Michael J. writes:

Don’t listen to the haters. I love the variety from Screencaps. Don’t like big buttons? Scroll down! Don’t like reading 5 paragraphs about beer fridges? Scroll down! They have to understand you’re doing everything you can to get as many people onto your page as possible. So keep it up! Also, a belly button? Mark D is hilarious. Really scraping the bottom of the barrel there and just trying to find something to complain about.

• Bill H. writes:

Mark D. , really?! Most Screen Cappers never noticed Hilde’s belly button until he pointed it “out” and it STILL DOESN’T MATTER! I can here Hilde tell Mark, “Hey, my money makers are up here!”

Yeah, I go off the beaten path for occasional craft brew support, but with 2 rules in mind:

1) Palatability; some are many aren’t.

2) Calling Ralph; if I blew brew, would I want it to be a hoppy IPA, Summer Shandy or a domestic? 

Craft brew philosophy is like taste in wines. I heard a wine promoter say to drink what you like. You don’t have to gravitate to dry wines to prove you wine savvy snobbery.

Personally, some homemade, Center Ridge offerings from the Paladino, Rossi or Desalvo families are hard to beat in flavor and, then, spinning rooms.

Drink responsibly.

And with that, let’s get rolling. This post is action-packed and I want you to have enough time to get through it while giving 110% at work.

Don’t forget, you live in the greatest country in the world and the country that brought Screencaps into your life. Remember that, millennials.

Email: joekinsey@gmail.com

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