Dad Rescues Eagle Out Of Canadian Lake On July 4th, Racks Up Huge Cool Points

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Brett Bacon was boating July 4 on British Columbia’s Lake Windermere when he noticed a giant bird struggling in the water. Bacon got closer and there it was, a young bald eagle and it clearly needed Bacon’s help. The eagle is brought onboard the boat while Bacon’s partner drives and his infant son is on a seat next to mom watching dad doing heroic work.

Bacon wrote on Instagram:

Happy 4th of July ? Saved a baby eagle from drowning in the middle of the lake, had to prove to my son I’m cool ??.

Bacon told Canada’s CTV News that he thought it was carpet floating in the lake. As he got closer he realized it was an eagle. “It’s not weird to see eagles and osprey go into the water to catch fish and then pop back up, but this thing was soaking wet and barely above the water.”

You better believe dad’s busting out this video down the road when he needs to remind Junior that dad collected so many cool points on July 4, 2020 that he’ll be cashing them in the rest of his life. Plus Brett’s going to go viral, rack up millions of views and have cool Google Search results.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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