Dabo Swinney Talks About ‘All The Legal Stuff’ Deshaun Watson Has Been Dealing With

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Dabo Swinney is someone who knows Deshaun Watson well having coached him for three seasons at Clemson. The Tigers’ head coach has always spoken extremely highly of Watson. However, given the situation and legal battles Watson finds himself in at the moment, Swinney recently found himself in a spot where he couldn’t exactly go to bat for his former quarterback.

Watson was recently suspended for the first six games of the NFL regular season after being accused of sexual harassment and misconduct. Of the 24 suits Watson faces, all but one have been settled while two grand juries declined to return indictments on any criminal complaints.


Swinney spoke with local media at Clemson on Sunday and was asked about Watson’s six-game suspension.

“I’ve communicated with Deshaun over the last year or so quite a bit,” Swinney said. “He’s kind of at the back end of it. He’s been through all the legal stuff and now he’s kind of dealing with the last part of it. Not quite finality of it, but eventually it will be and he’ll move forward.”

While it would be naive to expect to hear Swinney go into more detail, his referring to Watson’s 20+ suits of alleged sexual misconduct as “legal stuff” and “dealing with the last part of it” will undoubtedly ruffle some feathers.

The reality of it is, and Swinney knows this just like everyone else does, this entire Watson saga is far from over.

The NFL has appealed the six-game suspension handed out by Judge Sue L. Robinson and is reportedly looking for a full-season suspension for Watson. Commissioner Roger Goodell will likely get what he wants, too.

Written by Mark Harris

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