Union Says College Failed to be ‘Anti-Racist’ By Not Defending Police-Hating Professor

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A useless faculty union in California has accused Cypress College of a “failure to be anti-racist” because it didn’t have the back of the hateful professor who berated a student for not agreeing that police are all dangerously racist. Oh, the nerve of the young man. Following the video’s leak, the professor took a leave of absence, which according to this union, created a “chilling effect” on workplace safety.

In order words, it’s “chilling” that professors are not allowed to freely demand that students view police as the second-biggest threat to society, after white supremacy, of course.

“United Faculty stands in solidarity with all our faculty in protecting their academic freedom and the right to a safe work environment, free of hostility and threats to their physical safety and emotional well-being,” the United Faculty union’s president, Christie Diep, and lead negotiator, Mohammad Abdel Haq, said in a statement.

Safety, huh? Per this unnamed professor, safety is refusing to call police when someone with a gun breaks into your home because the police, if called, would come and harm you. Really, that’s what she told her students and demanded they agree with.

“I wouldn’t call the police,” the professor said when asking what she would do in that situation. “My life’s in more danger in their presence.”

Based on what?

This far-Left union then claimed that the college had placed minority faculty members at risk of becoming “targets of white supremacist organizations” by not supporting the professor’s rhetoric.

White supremacist organizations, huh? Again, based on what?

It got worse as the statement continued:

“The failure to issue a clear and strong statement of support for faculty under the existing circumstances is a failure to be anti-racist.”

Will Cain summed it up well:

“Anti-racist” is a buzzword that suggests we judge everyone solely on the color of their skin. In simple terms, it means to be racist.

Here’s the full exchange between the professor and the student:

Yep, that’s who this union is fighting for.

Damn this college for not supporting her.

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. Educational unions are like extensive mold in your walls. Gotta take it down to the studs to make it better. Not sure how one extricates unions from education but I’d be keen to know the process.

    Is private school the solution? If so, give me my tax dollars and I’ll decide how my kids get educated.

  2. My sister goes to Cypress college. I am not surprised by this. But WOW that young man had incredible poise and an elegant way to speak, especially for a college kid who knew everyone would crucify him for what he said. Kid has a bright future. Outkick should bring him on for an interview.

  3. This is the lesson here. The Left never backs down, never apologizes because their goal is not to be “right” but to win a war on speech and words. The Republicans need to play the same game. Stand up for your ideals, never apologize and never give an inch. The Left loses on policy but wins on rhetoric because they are unified BULLIES. The Right wins on policy but loses on rhetoric because they don’t even understand the game. Simply making fun of the left or pointing out the obvious hypocrisy is not enough. Stop playing defense!

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