Cycling Event Actually Changes Policy After Transgender Athlete Wins Women’s Race By Over Four Minutes

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Austin Killips, a biological male cyclist, has been racing as a transgender woman and dominating women’s races this summer. After extreme backlash and a clear advantage over his female competitors, one cycling event is rightfully changing its policies and categories.

Killips won June’s Belgian Waffle Ride, a 131-mile race in North Carolina, by a whopping four minutes and 25 seconds. According to, Killips led the female competitors by such a large margin that the broadcast coverage shifted to covering only the top three cyclists before Killips won the race and a $5,000 prize.

Paige Onweller, the runner-up in the Waffle Ride, called for event organizers to create a separate race category in order to preserve fairness in the women’s category.


New Rules For Austin Killips

While it took organizers weeks to come to their senses, they’re listening.

There will be an open category for the next Belgian Waffle Ride set for August 26 in Utah.

Competition organizers broke down the female, male, and open categories as such:

“Female: In the interest of protecting the parity of sports between women and men, racers who were born female may compete in the classification. 

“Male: Racers who were born and/or identify as male may compete in this classification.”

“Open: All racers, regardless of gender identification, may compete in this classification.”

Each category will be awarded equal prize money moving forward as well. Austin Killips may not appreciate the decision, but won’t mind the payday.

This is the correct decision despite the inevitable pushback it will receive from the radically progressive who love to shout anti-trans.

In reality, this decision to create an open category is not anti-trans. It’s simply keeping the sport fair for all genders.

The decision to create an open division also speaks to the large majority of folks that are not calling for the ban of trans athletes, just that biological men should not be competing against biological women.

Written by Mark Harris

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