Customer Loses His Mind At McDonald’s Drive-Thru, Throws Anything He Can Get His Hands On At Employees

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An unidentified man went crazy recently at McDonald’s drive-thru in Georgia. There was apparently an issue with his order. Given the time we live in, he decided it was appropriate to take it out on the employees by throwing things at them.

The man, who is wearing a white bucket hat and Portland Trail Blazers jersey, can be seen reaching into the fast-food restaurant through the drive-thru window. He starts grabbing anything he can get his hands on and throwing the items at the employees.

Customer Loses His Mind At McDonald's Drive-Thru
Unhappy McDonald’s customer throws things at employees (Image Credit: Waynesboro Police Department)

One of the employees unsuccessfully attempts to stop the man’s outburst. After feeling that he got his point across, the man casually strolls away from the window. There were no doubt some friendly words of encouragement sent the employee’s way as he left the scene.

Things Get Wild Sometimes At The McDonald’s Drive-Thru

The Waynesboro Police Department released a statement about the outburst saying, “Let it be known that this type of behavior will not be tolerated in the city of Waynesboro.”

In the same statement the police department joked about what caused the incident. According to the Waynesboro PD, the incident was not caused by a broken ice cream machine.

“This guy took ‘have it your way’ too far after he decided his order wasn’t to his liking (it didn’t have anything to do with ice cream machines, I swear),” the social media post read. “And [he] threw a temper tantrum, among other things, at the drive-thru.”

People rightfully pointed out that “have it your way” is not even a McDonald’s slogan, but rather that of their chief competitor, Burger King. It’s actually too bad because “with regards to his order, he apparently wasn’t lovin’ it” was right there.

Poor social media work by the Waynesboro PD aside, there are very few acceptable reasons for flipping out like this at a McDonald’s drive-thru. The ice cream machine not working after waiting in the line to order one is on that very short list.

Unfortunately for this guy that’s not why he lost his mind. If I had to guess I would say it was something to do with being shorted a nugget or being handed lukewarm fries.

Those both suck, but they don’t rise to the level of a broken ice cream machine.

Written by Sean Joseph

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