Zach Bryan Shares Incredibly Touching Moment With Fan In Wheelchair: VIDEO

Zach Bryan continues to prove he's one of the good guys.

Bryan is the fastest rising star in the country music world, and in terms of overall fame and popularity, only Morgan Wallen is higher on the mountain.

The superstar singer has blown up over the past couple years, and he's known for his close connection with his fans. That was on full display during a recent show in Milwaukee.

The "Revival" singer spotted a young woman in a wheelchair holding a big sign, and quickly rushed to gift her a guitar.

Check out the incredibly touching moment below, and let me know your thoughts at

Zach Bryan shares touching moment with fan.

Zach Bryan really does seem like one of the few good guys in the entertainment world. Most celebrities are really disappointing as people in their private lives. Sorry, but it's true. They read lines off a paper. They're not rocket scientists or overly interesting.

However, a few really do stand out as great people, and Zach Bryan is certainly on that list. He saw a young fan who is clearly struggling with her health, and instead of ignoring her, he jumped down and gifted her a guitar. If that's not awesome, then I don't know what is.

The world is full of pessimism and darkness. It's important to shine a light on all the good that is also out there, and this moment between Zach Bryan and his young fan was awesome.

She's clearly going through hell, and he took a moment to brighten up her night.

Props to Zach Bryan for being the absolute man and giving the internet this great moment to enjoy. Let me know your thoughts at

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