Yes, America Is Still The Best Country In The World

America continues to be one of the greatest stories ever told.

Praised for its strength and admired for an unbreakable spirit, the American Dream has inspired generations of patriots and Americans to believe in a fight for freedom, equality and happiness.

In 2021, America continues to be the freest civilization in human history courtesy of stalwart founders and people that endured sacrifice for these principles.

A nation brave enough to put its past sins on display across museums and media, a valuable quality to being an American has stemmed from an ability to move forward. Despite its unique offering of opportunity, community and belonging, a nation revered by its people has now witnessed a backlash negligent of all the good that came before it.

A nation built on purpose, large numbers of citizens felt out of place, or out of love, with America in 2020.

As angry mobs overran cities, and the media turned its back on telling the truth, America lived through grueling seasons of doubt and despair; now determined to be rebuilt by the patriots that stood firm for the nation's ideals.

That same spirit of independence that created the nation continues to be at the core of American exceptionalism in 2021.

Through values found in honoring God, responsibility for community and freedom to create a lifestyle that suits its people best, America's foundation has consistently promoted the fair treatment of its people by judging them according merit, and never by appearance.

The heart and history of this nation continues to see its opposition from Democratic leadership and other radical figures looking to promote a new civilization — not much left in common with our constitutional republic.

Though the influences against America have been equally determined in their promotion of a different message, a resilient group of proud Americans continue to strive in defense of a nation too extraordinary to allow its fading way.

Sharing a tenacity in love for country and compassion for its people, Americans set their sights on a path forward and will continue to redefine the impossible when brought together.

Happy Fourth of July from OutKick.

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Alejandro Avila lives in Southern California and previously covered news for the LA Football Network. Jeopardy expert and grumpy sports fan. Known for having watched every movie and constant craving for dessert. @alejandroaveela (on X)