'Yellowstone' Drops Chilling New Season 5 Preview

A new preview for "Yellowstone" season five has hit the web.

The premiere of the new season is officially less than a month away, and hype is starting to reach a deafening level.

Season four ended back in early January, and we'll have gone more than 10 months between new episodes. Fans want to see what is going to happen with the Duttons, and judging from the latest preview, viewers are in for a very dark and sinister time.

Fire up the chilling new preview below.

It certainly seems like things will get crazy in the new season of "Yellowstone."

You know things are about to go off the rails whenever you hear John Dutton say, "Sacrifice is exactly what we're gonna do."

That seems like a pretty clear indication the Duttons are, once again, geared up and ready for war. If there's one thing we know about "Yellowstone," there's no line John, Rip, Kayce and Beth won't cross to protect the ranch.

With John now the Governor of Montana, it's probably a safe assumption that all bets are off.

One of the biggest questions going into season five is what is going to happen with Kayce after his ominous "end of us" remark to close out season four.

While Luke Grimes won't offer up any information, the new promo appears to show Kayce and Monica in a state of despair.

The good news is we'll start getting answers to all our questions once the season five premiere airs November 13 on Paramount Network.

I speak for fans everywhere when I say it can't come fast enough. "Yellowstone" became one of the most popular shows ever made by being dark, gritty, sinister, suspenseful and violent.

It's clear the tone and tempo won't change in season five.

Make sure to keep checking back for all the "Yellowstone" season five updates as we have them here at OutKick. You don't want to miss a single second of the action.

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