Yankees-Guardians Fans Fight In Stands, One Fan Sent Flying & Another Takes Superman Punch

Saturday night was a rough night to be a Yankees fan. It was also a rough night to be a Guardians fan fighting alongside a Yankees fan. On the field the team blew a two-run 9th inning lead without bringing their closer in for reasons only Aaron Boone knows.

In the stands a Yankees fan stepping in to help out his Guardians fan friend ended with him eating a superman punch. He learned the hard way that he should have let the two Guardians fans fight it out amongst themselves.

The Guardians fan with the disadvantage of the low ground threw the first punch. He then ate a return shot by the other Guardians fan before a Yankees fan joined in. It looked for a second like the low man was about to be taken out by the two guys with the high ground.

That was not the case. The low man avoided several shots and then pushed both men with the high ground back into their seats. The high ground Guardians fan bounced back quickly but was met with a right-hand that left him unsteady.

The wobbly Guardians fan then tried to take a swing at his fellow Guardians fan and missed. This sent him flying down several rows of seats. The Yankees fan then throws a beer at the low ground Guardians fan before someone off camera appears to hold the low ground fan back.

This Fan Fight Had It All

The Yankees fan is left standing there by himself momentarily. At this time the Guardians fan who went flying appears to get back into the action.

Then, out of nowhere, a flannel shirt wearing fan comes flying into the fight and rocks the Yankees fan with a superman punch to the side of the head. It was the cherry on top of a fight filled with incredible moments.

I don't know when this happened, but fans have forgotten how to use the high ground to their advantage. The win percentage for fans on the low ground is on a steady rise and it makes absolutely no sense.

A blown lead in the 9th and a blown high ground advantage in the stands makes for a really rough night.