WWE's Maryse Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction During 'Raw' Birthday Party

The season premiere of "Monday Night Raw" started by going off-script when WWE star Maryse Mizanin's black dress had a little issue.

During a segment where Maryse made a surprise appearance for a birthday celebration for her real-life husband, The Miz, the risky black dress she was wearing decided it was going to have a malfunction.

Fans were treated to a birthday party bit where Miz, who actually turned 42 last Saturday, started opening presents, but he soon realized this party had been ruined by the presence of Dexter Lumis, who attacked the birthday boy and tried to choke him out of his own party.

Maryse, being the supportive wife, attempted to help her husband, but she was thrown face-first into the birthday cake. Her birthday party hair was turned into a mess. Meanwhile, The Miz ran for safety and left his wife in the ring.

She made a split-second decision to make a run for it by slipping out of the ring and that's when the black dress did a little slipping of its own.

There you have it, a wardrobe malfunction.


According to Raw observers, the segment ends with a furious Miz seeking out Triple H. to see what could be done about his birthday party being ruined. However, he ran into Road Dogg and a match was created for next week's Raw. If The Miz wins the match, Lumis is officially kicked out of the WWE. If Road Dogg wins, Lumis gets a contract.

It's a solid guess Maryse will be back home in California with the couple's two young girls.

Mom made her headlines for the next couple of months. It's back to real-life duties.

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