WWE Superstar Scarlett Bordeaux Takes A Dip In A See-Through Bikini Top

WWE Superstar Scarlett Bordeaux is no stranger to getting attention for her attire. It's part of her complete package. A package that has helped the blonde beauty make her way back to the WWE after roughly a year away following pandemic related layoffs.

She initially made a name for herself serving as her husband Karrion Kross' valet for WWE's NXT brand. Since returning to the wrestling organization the two have been part of the main roster. Scarlett has even seen some ring time.

The 31-year-old's return to the WWE has been an entertaining one up to this point. She had a drink thrown on her by a fan during a non-televised live event. Most recently, she suffered a wardrobe malfunction during an episode of Friday Night Smackdown.

Scarlett was participating in a mixed tag team match with her husband as they took on and defeated Madcap Moss and Emma. The screen went black during the event as Scarlett's top revealed more than the sensors where comfortable with, but clips did find there way on to social media.

There hasn't been much action in the ring for Scarlett since last month's appearance. But that doesn't mean she hasn't been busy. She has a large social media following to entertain.

Her latest piece of entertainment came of Friday in the form of a bikini picture that features her standing in a body of water, presumably the ocean, with a pink bikini that has a see-through top.

This Is WWE Superstar Level Content

It's certainly an eye-catching look as you scroll through your social media feed. There aren't a ton of knitted see-through tops in that complete a bikini look.

The look is more fashion than functionality if I had to take a guess. It's a good way to liven up your content on Instagram and give the algorithm something to chew on.

Aside from that it doesn't look like it would hold up well in the water and the tan lines would be an absolute mess.