Women's College Basketball Coach Is Out Of A Job Over This Rant -- Did He Go Too Far?

Let's go to Texas where there's drama at the University of Mary-Hardin Baylor over a video showing women's basketball coach Mark Morefield letting his team have it during practice.

Morefield is officially out of a job -- the school won't say if he was fired or if he resigned -- and all hell is breaking loose across the internet as coaches, athletes, guys in their recliners, moms, grandparents, mental health advocates, new age thinkers, etc. battle it out over what's the right approach to the coaching life.

Let's go to the footage before we hear Morefield's statement on leaving the school. I want you to see the footage and decide whether this rant was grounds to be dismissed or to demand a resignation.

In his seven-plus seasons at D-3 UMHB, Morefield had a 159-50 record and was 13-4 this season before things came to a screeching halt. Before this job, Morefield was an assistant for Scott Drew at Baylor and he's also worked for Bryce Drew and Homer Drew at Valparaiso.

"My coaching intensity to build a consistent championship program did not align with the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor," Morefield said in a statement. "It was not my finest moment and out of character. My emotions got the best of me due to a player who had just torn her ACL moments prior in practice.

"I was hurting for that player because of the hard work she had put in to have a successful season. The next day before practice I apologized to the team for my out-of-character moment and explained why I was upset. This does not excuse my actions, and I apologize to everyone affected. I wish the team the best as they finish out the season. I hope to build another program in the near future."

Now it's time for you to play athletic director. Is this enough to tell Morefield to take a hike?

You make the call?

"'You can't f-ing do the right thing because you're a bunch of frauds."

"Get the fuck out of here."

Now that you've made up your mind, let's pump the brakes here and really think for a second if this is something you're actually triggered over.

You're not.

The fake frauds on social media aren't actually triggered over something like this either.

So the coach drops a bunch of f-bombs. OMG.

So the coach drops a "bitch ass move." OMG.

So the coach tells the players to GTFO. OMG.

It's probably time to bring in the AI bots to serve as college basketball coaches and set the bot to 'Easy' mode. Bring on the robots.

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