Woman's Ex-Husband Got Her New Girlfriend Pregnant

Talk about a family tree. This one is growing some very interesting branches on it. A Florida woman, who discovered that she is a lesbian while married to a man, is having a child with her new girlfriend. That probably happens all the time. The twist is that the child is being fathered by her ex-husband.

33-year-old Linda Fruits ended her marriage to Christopher Haerting after eight years back in August of 2021. She realized that she was a lesbian while scrolling on social media. The couple has two children together aged four and two.

Following the divorce, the two best friends continued to live together and raise their children. Last November Fruits started dating Maddy Gross. Not long after, Gross moved in with the divorced couple and their two kids.

Fruits' new girlfriend wanted to become a mother and was actively looking for a donor when they started dating. Fruits said, "On our second date, Maddy told me how she’s always wanted to be a mom and how she was actively trying to find a donor."

"We talked about how crazy it would be if Christopher was the donor and our kids could be related. We asked him five months later."

Haerting wasn't onboard with the plan right away. While he admitted being happy that the two found a way to co-parent and live together after their divorce, he wasn't keen on the idea of being just a donor to his ex-wife's new girlfriend.

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"My biggest non-negotiable was that I wasn’t comfortable being just a donor," Hearting said. "I wanted to be the father/co-parent and legally on the birth certificate."

"Other than that, I wasn't and am not worried about everything else. We will figure it out. I know that we will all do what's best for our kids."

Fruits, Gross, and Haerting - well technically Gross and Haerting - are expecting a baby in May of 2023.

This all sounds like the plot to a bad sitcom. Unlike a bad sitcom this has all the ingredients for a real-life disaster. Luckily it will all be shared on TikTok.

One wrong move and this dude will be responsible for child support for three kids. Adding to the fun of it all is the fact that he has a new girlfriend too. Maybe she'll move in at some point and they'll decide to have a child.

What could possibly go wrong?

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