Woman Who Started Hilaria Baldwin-Spanish Scandal Fears Alec Baldwin Will 'Punch' Her

To end 2020, the internet is immersed in a Hilaria Baldwin scandal that questions her Spanish heritage and accent.

The Twitter user who sparked the controversy spoke to the New York Times, prompting one of the most bizarre paragraphs the outlet has ever written. The (failing) New York Times discloses that they gave their source anonymity because she is afraid Alec Baldwin, Hilaria's husband, might "punch" her.

Yes, truly an amazing paragraph.

Baldwin is known to have quite the temper. In 2018, Baldwin was charged with misdemeanor assault and harassment after allegedly punching a man in New York over -- wait for it -- a parking dispute.

He also sends out some unhinged tweets here and there. (Not Don Lemon bad, but still bad.)

I really do hope no one gets "punched" over this...

Hilaria Baldwin's scandal isn't going away. Even before #PunchFear, Hilaria spent the week blaming the story on literally everyone but herself. As always, root against the Baldwins.

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