Woman Ties Up Tinder Date, Cuts Him With A Knife, Then Orders DoorDash

Hooking up using an app on your phone sounds like a good idea. But the "dates" don't always go as planned. One Tinder user learned this after his meet-up with a woman in Colorado took a dark turn.

Lauren Marie Dooley, 22, has been charged with felony second-degree kidnapping, two counts of second degree assault, menacing, and false imprisonment. She allegedly pulled out a knife and tried to choke her Tinder date before ordering DoorDash.

The victim told police that he met Dooley on Tinder and went over to her apartment. Once at the apartment he says she took off his clothes and performed a sex act on him. She then grabbed some duct tape and tied him up.

At this point the victim didn't suspect anything. That was until Dooley grabbed a knife and forced him go into the bedroom. In the bedroom she got on top of him on the bed and cut his arm with the knife.

Things Went From Bad To Worse

She then tried to choke him, first with her hands then with a belt. This made it difficult for him to breathe.

The victim says that Dooley was upset that he was bleeding all over her bed. She made him move to the bathtub then she ordered DoorDash. She told him, "If you scream or say anything I'll kill you."

After she ate her food, she climbed into bed with the victim and went to sleep. It was at this point he was able to free himself and call the police.

This date went south really quick. But I feel like there were signs before it ever got to the point of being tied up.

The disheveled hair and far-off stares are tells. Sure he had other thoughts on his mind, but you have to know when to abort the mission.