Woman Throws Food On The Floor At McDonald's Because They Got Her Order Wrong

An upset McDonald's customer decided to add an exclamation point to her complaint. She did so by tossing an entire bag of food on the floor. The reason? Her order didn't live up to her very high standards. Apparently she was handed a bag of food that wasn't what she ordered.

In other words, she really had no choice. She had to throw the food on the floor. The pajama pants and flip flop-wearing woman can be heard saying "that's wrong" as she dumps the food on the floor behind the counter.

Instead of allowing McDonald's to correct the order she demanded a refund. That seems to indicate that she might not have been too hungry at the time. The employee didn't even flinch as the food was tossed on the floor and instead did his best to make sure everything was lined up properly for her refund. He's a better man than most.

During the exchange the McDonald's employee can be heard asking the extremely casually dressed woman, and her mullet-is-a-lifestyle-wearing-companion, if they had two crispy chicken sandwiches in their order. She quickly replies and rattles off what she ordered.

"No. I had two McChickens, I have one crispy chicken meal, two Big Macs, and two McDoubles,” she is heard saying.

McDonald's Employees Aren't Getting Paid Enough To Put Up With This

At the risk of being called a fat-shamer, I'm going to point out that there are only two people standing there filing a complaint. That order seems like enough food for several people. Judging from the looks of these two, they've taken down larger orders before.

I know losing your mind and causing a scene when your order isn't correct is par for the course these days. But adults behaving this way will never stop being insane to me.

I've become desensitized to a lot over the years. Flipping out at fast food restaurants in your pajamas is not yet one of them. I could watch this insanity all day. These people fascinate me.

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