Woman Threw Her Panties In Jeffrey Dahmer's 86-Year-Old Dad's Front Yard

The popular Netflix series "Dahmer - Monster: The Jeffery Dahmer Story" has caused people to lose their minds. For some reason there are people who want to dress up like the serial killer for Halloween. There was even a pizza place selling a "Jeffrey Dahmer Special."

As crazy as those things are, nothing is crazier than showing up at the home of Dahmer's 86-year-old father Lionel and throwing your panties in his front yard. That happened recently according to his caregiver.

The caregiver, who identified himself as Jeb, said he's had to put up No Trespassing signs and armed himself because insane fans keep showing up at Lionel's home.

The signs might have kept a woman in her 20s from making her way on to Lionel's property, but they didn't keep her from leaving a personal artifact behind. The woman showed up, took off her panties and threw them in the yard, Jeb explained.

"I had to go out there with a pair of tongs to pick up this woman's granny panties," he said. "The girl looked like she was in her early twenties and was shouting 'I love you Lionel.'"

Leave Jeffrey Dahmer's Dad Alone

Jeb made it clear that Lionel isn't interested in the attention. And he wants absolutely nothing to do with the so-called fans showing up as his home. So any crazy women looking to throw their panties in the yard need to do it elsewhere.

"It's people like that that we're trying not to have here, that's why I put up no trespassing and private property signs. Lionel's 86 and here's this 20-year-old lady throwing her underwear at him. It's just like, stop."

If you're showing up at Lionel Dahmer's house something's wrong with you. Go get some help and leave the man alone.