Woman Quit Job At Victoria's Secret After Someone Pooped In The Fitting Room

There are a million reasons to quit a job. Touching someone's poop has to be at the top of the list of reasons to look for employment elsewhere.

A former Victoria's Secret employee went viral telling her story about coming into contact with poop while on the job. She shared her story with a "one thing about me" TikTok video that currently has 3.8 million views.

The former employee of the lingerie company explains, in really bad song form, how she ushered a customer with a bunch of sports bras into a fitting room. She then goes into detail about how she found a surprise on the floor after the customer had exited.

"I walk into this room and the sports bras are all over the floor. So, I bend down to grab one and I end up touching something else," she says.

After removing the sports bra she found out what she had accidentally touched, "It ended up being the biggest piece of poop I had ever seen. And I had just touched it with my hands."

This Customer Needs To Be On A Watch List

The former employee provided some evidence to backup her story in a follow-up video. A manager at the store sent her a picture of the fitting room poop.

She also came clean about the fact that it wasn't the real reason she quit the job. It was "the straw that broke the camel's back" and she had just gotten an internship at a tech company.

The best part of the entire story might be when the customer still got in line to buy something after dropping a deuce in the fitting room. That takes a special kind of person.

Proceed with caution the next time you step foot into a fitting room. Someone could have just squeezed into clothing that doesn't fit them and had a little accident.

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