Woman On Meth Slips Out Of Handcuffs, Grabs Rifle, Opens Fire From Back Of Patrol Car

An Oklahoma woman, who later tested positive for meth, managed to slip out of her handcuffs as she sat in the back of a patrol car. She then turned her detainment into a real crime when she was able to unlock a gun and open fire.

After slipping out of her cuffs, police say Rachel Zion Clay then grabbed an AR-15 and opened fire from the backseat of a patrol car. The wild scene, which took place last week outside of Oklahoma City, was caught on video.

According to deputies, the 36-year-old wasn't going to be arrested before turning into a meth Houdini. She had only been detained for erratic behavior. That changed when she got her hands on the rifle and opened fire. A standoff with police then took place.

Grady County Undersheriff Gary Boggess said that the handcuffs were put on properly before Clay was able to get her hand free. She was then able to unlock the gun by finding the switch labeled gun.

Changes need to be made

"She was able to reach up on our consoles. There are several switches. One is a gun switch to unlock the gun lock, and she found it, unlocked the gun locker, and was able to receive retrieve a AR-15 rifle," Boggess said. "Then she was able to figure out how to put a round in it, put it on fire and she fired approximately 10 rounds at our deputies and a civilian."

Clay shot an officer and a civilian. Both sustained non-life threatening injuries and have since been released from the hospital.

Following the shooting the Grady County Sheriff's Office is going to make some changes.

"One, I will say is our console. Where it actually said gun and she was able to see that, that's gonna be replaced. We're gonna put a switch someplace else in the vehicle to lock our gun," Boggess said.

The sheriff's office might need to invest in some meth proof handcuffs as well. Clay now faces three charges of shooting with the intent to kill.

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