Woman Knew Her Boyfriend Had Cheated On Her When He Lasted Longer In Bed

Is lasting longer in bed a sign of cheating? According to one woman it is. She says she knew she had been cheated on when her boyfriend lasted longer after a trip with his friends.

Pernille Torhov, 22, of Norway shared a video on TikTok where she is suspicious of her boyfriend after a trip "with the boys." The two had been dating for four months at the time and hadn't seen each other in a week. She had a feeling something was off after he lasted longer than normal in bed upon his return.

The video received a lot of attention before her account was banned for an unrelated violation. She started a new account and quickly reposted it.

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It turns out Torhov's suspicions were correct. Her boyfriend later confessed to cheating on her in a Snapchat message. One of his friends invited a couple of women to their cabin and her boyfriend slept with one of them.

"I feel pretty bad and I'm disappointed in myself because there’s something I haven't told you," her boyfriend's confession read. "One of the boys invited two girls on our cabin trip, and I ended up sleeping with one of them."

So she kicked him to the curb and is now single and ready to mingle right? Not exactly. The story continues that she insisted they breakup face-to-face and when they went to do so they somehow ended up staying together.

"I decided to give him a second chance and he's turned out to be a very sweet and nice boy," Torhov said.

All's well that ends well. Her boyfriend is presumably faithful now and back to his much shorter sessions in bed. She received a lot of social media attention for her story. Who could have asked for a better ending?