Woman Falls Headfirst Into Vault Toilet Trying To Retrieve Phone

Some of y'all have been there before: you're sittin' on the toilet, perusing through your phone when suddenly "PLOP."

You then scurry around to find something to retrieve your phone and you go on about your day. But for one woman at the top of Mt. Walker in Washington State on Tuesday afternoon, it wasn't that simple.

It was a shi**y situation.

Brinnon Fire Department Chief Tim Manly said that the woman was using the vault toilet at the top of the mountain when she dropped her phone inside. Ever determined to get her phone back, she took apart the toilet seat first and used dog leashes to tie herself off in order to reach for her phone.

All that work and no reward, as she fell headfirst into the vault. The woman was quite literally, SOL.

"They didn't work very well and in she went," Manly said, via the Kitsap Sun.

Now reunited with her phone, however, she was able to remarkably get a cell signal and dial 911 after 10-15 minutes of failing to escape the vault. The Brinnon Fire Department and Quilcene Fire Rescue responded and were able to pull her out from the vault.

As Manly put it, it was truly a one-of-a-kind rescue -- one that doesn't come around too often in 40 years on the job.

“This was pretty unique," Manly said. "I’ve been doing this for 40 years and that was a first.”

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