Woman Carried Upside Down & Shoeless Out Of Waffle House By An Employee

If you want to know what to expect at a Waffle House at night, this video will give you that experience in just six seconds. It shows an employee carrying an unruly customer out of the restaurant upside down and without any shoes on.

The customer had apparently overstepped a few boundaries during her visit and paid for it by being taken to the curb like a bag of trash. Just another beautiful night in Orlando, Florida.

The brief video has a lot going on. It was captioned, "moral of the story: don’t mess with waffle house employees" by the spectator who uploaded it.

The video, which has almost five million views, has more craziness than just the customer being carried out upside down. There's also a brief appearance by Slim Shady and a farewell by a gentleman who can be heard saying, "bye, bye white girl."

The uploader decided to tell the whole story, including the part where the customer apparently caught another beat down. She said in the caption of her follow up, "here's the context y'all are asking for. She had what was coming to her, hopefully she learned her lesson."

"DONT PUT HANDS ON PEOPLE, especially Waffle House employees. Also no he did not throw her on the ground, he set her down on her feet outside."

Anything Can Happen At The Waffle House

She then told the story of an understaffed restaurant and a table of upset diners. One of those diners, the woman being taken outside, decided to challenge a female employee to a fight.

The customer got her ass kicked before being placed outside by the male employee. Within seconds she returned to retrieve her purse, and presumably her shoes, which were left behind in the scuffle with the employee.

According to the uploader of the video, the customer then picked a fight with her and her friend. This ended much like the first fight with another loss for the customer.

Talk about an eventful evening at the Waffle House. Hopefully the young lady learned her lesson.

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