Woman Arrested After Jumping Over McDonald's Counter, Screaming At Employees & Making Her Own Burger

A woman at an Australian McDonald's caused quite the scene this week. She jumped over the counter, screamed profanities at the employees, and at one point made herself a burger. The insane behavior entertained the customers and led to her arrest.

It all went down at a McDonald's in Adelaide, Australia. The viral TikTok video of the incident picks up with an unnamed 19-year-old already behind the counter screaming at employees. At this point there are already fries spilled all over the counter and a water bottle on the floor.

The woman, who is rocking a revealing hot pink crop top and black pants, is heard screaming at employees. She says to one of them, "I will beat you up and I'll leave."

She then puts down a couple of drinks she had in her hands and looks into what appears to be an empty bag. For some reason, this causes her to walk in a couple of circles before making her way back to the cooking area.

Once back there, she continues to scream at the shocked employees before emerging with what looks like a burger in her hand. She casually walks back towards the counter and appears to add lettuce to the burger before grabbing a water from a cooler.

The stop at the cooler and then one at a display case prove to be her downfall. Had she just left after grabbing her burger she might have gotten away, at least momentarily, with her ridiculous blowup. The stops allowed police to corner her and then arrest her.

McDonald's Customers Know To Expect Anything

Following her arrest, the woman was charged with disorderly conduct, property damage and assault. According to police, she caused damage to a door and threw a bottle of water at one of the employees.

If anyone was wondering if these types of crazy scenes were going to carry into the new year the answer is... absolutely! There's no way that January 1st rolls around and the chaos on a night out to eat comes to an end.

This is the world we live in. So much so that you will notice during this video that an employee shows up for work and doesn't even flinch at the chaos that is unfolding. He walks by the woman behind the counter, mid-outburst, like it was nothing.

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