Woman Almost Ruined Marriage Proposal With Pumpkin Boobs

Marriage proposals don't always go as planned. There are, of course, times when the proposal goes wrong and is rejected. Those can be hard to watch. But it's not the only way proposals don't play out as planned.

There are also times when the recipient of the proposal is distracted because they just have to have pumpkin boobs. This is one such case where pumpkin boobs almost ruined a marriage proposal.

It all went down at a pumpkin patch in Dallas last year. The couple, who recently married, decided to share the proposal on TikTok and it has more than 23 million views.

Samantha Rhea Parrish-Khan shared the video of herself coming close to ruining her marriage proposal with pumpkin boobs. The video explains, "When I almost ruined my proposal because I needed pumpkin boobs."

Luckily for her now husband, Tariq Khan, she eventually realized what was happening after her fun with the pumpkins. She obviously said yes and the two tied the knot a couple of weeks ago on October 15.

You Love A Happy Ending At The Pumpkin Patch

"I am a control freak, and there could have been no better way for me to get out of my own head and to be caught off guard by our proposal," Parrish-Khan said. "It was so perfect that he knew that in order for me to really be present, he had to catch me like that."

The unplanned moment during the proposal confirmed to Khan that he made the right decision in proposing to her. Although, he did admit the pause was a little nerve-racking.

"I thought, wow, this could not be better," he said. "This is confirmed, I am making the most excellent decision. It also felt like the longest 45 seconds of my life."

If you're going to have a delay in the response to your proposal you want it to be of the pumpkin boobs variety. You don't want a hesitation because she's unsure of her answer.

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